Poplar Hall Bathroom

This cottage bathroom was outdated and the space simply didn’t work for its occupants. The shower was small and boxed in the entrance, the low cottage window served as a storage ledge rather than the key feature of the room as you walked in, and the walls and flooring made the entire space feel drab and outdated.

Datum Point Construction transformed the entire space, fitting a large feature bath tub in front of the window, creating a walk-in shower to the left with floor to ceiling glass to keep the room feeling open and light, and installing a double sink space to the right.

Stone slips were used around the shower and behind the sink space to bring a natural texture to the room and create feature walls. The sinks are resting on a reclaimed oak slab and the floors have been replaced with oiled timber.

This unique space now fits with the style and character of the rest of the property.



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