Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Why switch to Electric?

Although the upfront cost of an electric vehicle is often higher, EVs can be
cheaper to run, due to the lower cost of electricity compared to petrol or
diesel. Recharging at home (overnight) will normally result in the greatest
cost savings.

Charge points can be installed in homes with a garage or driveway, at
workplaces, on residential streets, in town centres, public car parks and at
destinations, such as shopping centres or motorway service stations.

Types of Charge Points

– Slow charge points

Slow charge points are often the cheapest to use and are suitable
when vehicles are parked for several hours, such as during working
hours or overnight.

– Fast charge points

Fast charge points ideal when vehicles are parked for a few hours.

– Rapid charge points

Rapid charge points are the quickest way to recharge a vehicle,
typically recharging a vehicle to 80% in around 30 minutes. However,
rapid charge points can be the most expensive to use, and they
cannot be installed at home.

Charging at Home

The majority of charging your vehicle will be done at home, usually
overnight. If you have a driveway or garage, the cheapest and most
convenient way is to install a dedicated charge point.

Smart charging can be used to make savings when charging your EV. It can
also help balance the electricity grid by charging your EV during off-peak
times, such as overnight, when there is less demand for electricity.

What We Offer

At The Datum Group, we offer a fully comprehensive Electric Vehicle
Charging Point installation service.

Every EVCP installation differs from one property to the next, so we
provide a free initial consultation from one of our trained engineers or
surveyors. They perform the relevant electrical safety checks before
commencing any work to ensure your new EV Charging station is installed
correctly, safely, and securely. After this, we will then provide a quotation
for the works.

We can provide a quote either inclusive or exclusive of our recommended
EV charger.

On the day, our installation engineer will attend the site with all the
relevant materials as specified part of our detailed quote. A domestic EV
installation usually takes between 2-4hours to complete, dependant on the
complexity of the works.

Once installed, we will test the installation wiring so to provide an
electrical installation certificate. Along with testing the EV charger itself
and giving the client a demonstration of how to use their EV charger.

All paperwork that is provided with the charger will be left with the client.


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