Charity Development in Northchurch, Berkhamsted

As builders, we work on a huge variety of projects of all shapes and sizes. But rarely do we work on a project that makes as much of a difference to a community as this one.

Sunnyside Rural Trust

Sunnyside Rural Trust is a charity that exists to help people with learning disabilities acquire skills that will help them enter the workforce and contribute to the communities that they live in.

As a result of a recommendation from Wigginton Shop Community Project, Datum Point Construction has been appointed as the sole building contractor for Sunnyside Rural Trust’s North Church development.

This development will involve the construction of a farm shop, a new stable block and courtyard to house a small number of rescued animals, a classroom, coffee shop, lounge and breakout area complete with outside decking.

charity development in Berkhamsted

The Northchurch development was granted in response to the growing number of vulnerable people who could be learning new skills, earning a salary and integrating with their local community.

This development will support activities such as beekeeping, growing plants, garden maintenance, selling local produce and serving coffee, and will enable the Trust to rescue and care for a wide range of animals.

About the charity and cause

Did you know that just 6% of people with learning disabilities are currently in paid employment?

The significant majority of people with learning disabilities are capable of working but do not have access to the same introductions and entry points to the workplace that others do.

Without work, these people often lack human interaction and purpose.

Sunnyside Rural Trust is working tirelessly to turn things around for these vulnerable people.

Not only are they dedicated to developing skills in a variety of disciplines, but they are also providing these people with human and animal interaction which is so essential in improving their self worth.

Having to look after rescue chickens, for example, and helping restore them to full health gives these individuals a reason to get up in the morning and something to be really proud of.

A few words…

“The world is saturated with builders but not necessarily great builders with a social conscience. We are a charity so of course we are working with a very limited budget. Paul and Greg have been incredible in helping us keep building costs as low as possible and still get as much from the development as we can. In fact, we have already recommended them for another incredible cause.”

– Keely Siddiqui Charlick, Chief Executive Officer, Sunnyside Rural Trust